Wrist Braces for TFCC Tears and Sprains

The two most popular wrist braces specifically designed for treating TFCC injuries are the Bullseye Wrist Band and the Wrist Widget.

  • The Bullseye brace is reviewed at 4.4 stars at Amazon with 278 reviews. Generally people say was recommended to them by a doctor or physical therapist and their pain is significantly better when wearing the brace. Some people complain that it doesn’t last a long time, or it can slide up and down the arm.
  • The Wrist Widget brace is reviewed at 4.1 stars with 8,215 reviews. Generally people say that their wrist pain goes down significantly after using the brace, but some people complain about the fabric cutting in to their skin and causing them pain.

While these two are a bit more expensive because of their brands, there are also several different generic options that look quite similar to these wrist braces.

Finally, there are many wrist braces that are for general wrist injuries or other types of wrist injuries. While these will probably provide more overall stability to your wrist, they are generally larger and less comfortable because they are not as targeted at TFCC injuries.

If you find that you are able to manage your TFCC pain with one of the smaller braces, that is great. But also, please discuss with your doctor if you think you have a more serious TFCC injury!